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Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultation and Support

ppc consultancy
Marketing Resolutions provide expert consultation and ongoing support service aimed at improving your PPC account performance and helping your company achieving set goals.

As a part of our service we create a fully tailored PPC strategy for your company which includes the following:

- Full review of your PPC account (Google AdWords, Yahoo! & MSN)
- Identifying any problems and potential for improvement
- Creation of optimization and development strategy focusing on:
       - Keyword development
       - Adverts optimization
       - Landing pages optimization
       - A/B and multivariate testing
- Competitor and market research as regards to PPC campaign to make sure you are using all  your resources
- Training you or your staff on how to manage your account effectively and efficiently
- Ongoing support if you require it
- Any extra work or analysis you may require

This service is very popular with our clients as it keeps them in full control of their accounts and progress while benefiting from expert advice from our fully qualified staff.

All our staff are AdWords Qualified Individuals
and have at least 3 years experience managing PPC accounts including Google AdWords, Yahoo! and MSN.

Another great benefit of working with our team is that they have direct access to, and keep in contact with, Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN Ad Center teams. This helps us stay on the top of all industry developments. We then pass all our knowledge and findings directly on to our clients.

If you would like more information about this service, please, contact us on 020 7127 5309 or email Info@MarketingResolutions.com.

Consultation for new advertisers

New advertisers will have slightly different requirements than those of more experience advertisers. If you or your staff are new to PPC advertising you will need help and advice to get off to a good start with your account management.

Almost every new advertiser wastes a lot of money by simply not having enough experience
and "experimenting" with their new account. That can run up your costs very quickly considering that some keywords can cost £10 per click or more! We can help you avoiding costly mistakes by guiding you through the following areas:

- Keyword research
- Account structure
- Account management

- Useful techniques for improving your account performance
- Ongoing support

Good structure and a good development plan are both crucial to the future success of your account.

Our PPC consultation is fully tailored to each client's needs. You can request a one off consultation or regular consultations as often as you require. Prices vary depending on the number of hours that your require and frequency of consultation and support.

For more information contact us on 020 7127 5309 or email Info@MarketingResolutions.com.

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