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Search Engine Optimization Natural

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic") search results.

Unlike paid search SEO can take weeks or even months to start delivering results and creating new business opportunities for your business. However once a site starts to achieve a good position in organic search, the ROI can be substantial. To achieve this SEO requires consistent work on a weekly basis, which is often where many businesses fail. By hiring an SEO specialist you can ensure that your website presence is being continuously developed.

Every business operates in a unique environment and has unique goals and it is essential that the SEO specialist develops a good understanding of your particular business, its strengths and market opportunities and the competitive environment under which it operates. As such we at Marketing Resolutions pay particular attention to developing a thorough understanding of your business and then develop a specific SEO strategy to meet your needs.

Our services :


Website Analysis

Website analysis will be used to determine SEO strategy. Overall analysis is concluded in an SEO strategy brief.

Complete keyword analysis
We work together with the client to indentify the most lucrative keywords to target and to optimize the websites for. Complete keyword analysis is concluded in a list of quality keywords that will be used in the SEO process.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is setup, (unless the client wants to use a different analytics package). Website analytics are one of the keys when working on search engine optimization but also reporting its progress and success.

Website Optimization
- Webside Code Optimization
        - Content

Webmaster Tools Set-up and Site Map Submission


Regular website maintenance and link development is key to achieving and maintaining a high ranking position, for all key business products and services.

Website content development
Regular updates to the website content to keep it fresh and more attractive to the search engines. Google value regularly updated content and will rank such site more highly.

Keyword Review and Development
Regular review of the company’s product and market developments, and the subsequent requirement for additional keywords.

Link building
Link building is the key to achieving a higher long-term position on the key search engines. Inbound links are valued especially highly by Google. We use many techniques of building quality links to your site but never use link farms, bad neighbourhood sites or websites which use ‘black hat’ techniques.

Monitoring results and making necessary changes Monthly reports ensure that you are up to date with the service provided and the progress of search engine optimization.

This is only a very brief SEO servide description. Please contact us on 020 7127 5309 or email info@marketingresolutions.com for more information.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook services are also valiable.